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About Barry

Barry graduated from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy in 1972. He practiced as a pharmacist for 35 years until he sold his pharmacy in 2006. He continued to run a Hamilton health food store known as Barry’s Nutrition Centre which he opened in 1997 and which is now known as B.J.’s Nutrition Centre.


During the seventies he wrote a monthly health column in the Bloor West Villager, a local Toronto paper. In 2003 he started his own newsletter called Barry’s Health News in which he deals with all the major diseases such as Cancer, Heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes etc and he writes balanced articles discussing medical treatment versus natural treatment for these ailments.


With a background in both pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, he has an expert knowledge of contraindications and interactions between drugs and supplements and invites his readers to ask him any question in both of these fields.


Barry belongs to the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association and the Canadian Health Food Association.

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