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Alkalinity of the Body

Can I Change My Body Chemistry From Acid to Alkaline?

There are a number of products on the market, from alkalinized water to many greens drinks that claim they will cause a change in your body chemistry from acidic to alkaline and thus make you healthier, prevent disease and in some cases even claim they prevent cancer. Nothing could be farther from the truth and any product that makes this claim is perpetrating a giant hoax.

Your body is full of fluids from your saliva to stomach acid to the blood that carries the oxygen in your body and they all have different levels of acidity or alkalinity and we measure them with a value called PH which stands for Hydrogen Potential. Neutral PH is 7.0, meaning not basic, not alkaline and this is the PH of your eyes. That is why any fluid that does not have exactly a PH of 7.0 will sting your eyes.  The PH of your saliva will vary depending on what types of food you are eating, either acid or alkaline but your stomach has a very acidic PH of 4.5 and this is necessary to destroy any bacteria that you may have swallowed with your food.  If an alkaline drink could change your stomach PH, this could allow some bacteria to escape from the stomach acid and infect your intestinal tract. The reality is that none of these alkaline drinks are powerful enough to drastically change your stomach PH.

The PH of your blood must be almost exactly 7.4. It can only vary from 7.35 to 7.45 and any change above or below these levels can actually cause your death. Millions of chemical reactions are taking place, the most important being the transport of oxygen by your hemoglobin.  Anything that disrupts this process will kill you in twenty minutes. Your blood contains plasma proteins which very subtly add or subtract hydrogen ions constantly with a high degree of fine tuning to maintain the PH at exactly the correct level.

Your kidney is responsible for maintaining your electrolyte balance of potassium, sodium, magnesium etc and adds and excretes or keeps these ions in a very precise way to balance out the PH of your blood stream. Carbon dioxide in the blood has a profound effect on blood PH and it is the job of your kidneys to excrete or hold on to basic negative ions like sodium or potassium and these molecules work with the plasma proteins giving up or acquiring hydrogen molecules.  However when you measure the PH of the urine as it leaves the kidneys it may vary considerably depending upon all the work your body had to do to maintain the proper PH levels.  Makers of greens drinks try to convince you that the increase in alkalinity of your urine caused by the greens is making you healthier.  In effect, it is actually a measurement of the alkalinity of the greens when it entered your digestive system before it was digested and in fact urine PH levels are approximately 3 hours after the fact. It is very important to realize that there is no correlation between the PH of your blood stream and the PH of your urine.

Alkalinized water is simply a waste of money. Greens drinks are actually very healthy in that they provide a multitude of good greens like barley grass, wheat grass, kelp spirulina and many other ingredients which combine to give you a very healthy energy drink.  However they do not change the PH of your body and they do not prevent or cure cancer.


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