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Alternative Health Care Scams

A List of Some of the Scammers and Charlatans in the Alternative Health Care Industry

If you are a reader of my newsletters you know that I have a very low opinion of pharmaceutical companies that brain wash physicians into prescribing their drugs for the public.  However, although alternative health care should be your first choice when it comes to maintaining a state of health, there are many scammers and fraud artists in this industry that care nothing about your health and only about how much money they can extract from you.  This list is almost endless, but in this article I will try to expose some of the more blatant alternative health scams.

Dark Field Live Blood Cell Analysis

One of the most common frauds perpetrated on the unwitting consumer is Live Blood Cell Analysis.  The practitioner pricks your finger and puts a drop of blood under a microscope.  They use a dark field so the consumer can see his or her own blood either through a second viewer or a TV monitor. You can see your red blood cells in different stages of their formation and clumps of other material. The practitioner proceeds to point out all the bad things about your blood and usually prescribes a number of supplements which you must take in order to get your health back.  There is absolutely no truth to this nonsense at all.

The people who operate these machines do not have degrees in science from any accredited universities, but hold a diploma they have earned after they have bought the machine and learned how to operate it.  The two principle advocates of this health scam are James P. Privitera M.D. whose license to practice medicine has been revoked and who spent 2 months in jail after a plea bargain in which he plead guilty to accidentally killing a woman with a heparin injection because his live blood cell analysis showed her blood was too thick.  The other character Joe Robbins, a naturopath was convicted and imprisoned for selling phony Cancer cures to people whose cancers  were detectible only by him.

The patient actually sees his own red blood cells in different phases. Because a red blood cell has a life span of about 8 weeks, you see some newborn cells that are round and perfectly formed and as they age they lose their shape and become irregular and ragged depending on how old they are.  This is perfectly normal and is NOT an indication of any type of poor health. Some of the clumps of dead cells seen on the slide are falsely labeled cholesterol plaques or other things that require some supplements.

Out of curiosity, I underwent this test and even though I am in excellent health and good shape, I was told that a number of things were wrong with my body.  Since I have a very developed knowledge of lab procedure, gained from working as a teaching assistant in a lab at the University level, I watched the practitioner very carefully.  I noticed that the microscope lens was not cleaned before use after the last patient and no chemical was added to the blood to keep it from clotting or drying up.

If you want detailed and honest information about the properties of your blood, your physician can order a free blood test that will give you a thousand times more information and all of it will be accurate and truthful.


Iridology is not a science but a scam in which the iridologist looks into your eye and claims that he or she can see every organ in your body because each colour shown indicates an organ or some tissue.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Once again these people have no scientific training, no background in biology and are not licensed or regulated by any responsible board of ethics. If you want to be an iridologist, simply turn on your computer and have your credit card ready and within weeks you will have your Iridology Degree.

A physician or an ophthalmologist can look into your eyes and see many things.  They can see hardening of the arteries, diabetes and if the colour is becoming yellowish there is an indication of some type of liver damage or liver diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or cirrhosis of the liver. However, from my experience, the iridologist usually spots parasites immediately that are draining your body of its nutrients and usually orders a parasite cleanse along with a host of supplements a page long.  Some of these cleanses are so powerful that a person could lose electrolytes in a drastic manner.  Since sodium and potassium are essential for muscle stimulation, the sudden loss of these electrolytes could cause your heart muscle to stop.

In a recent study, a leading iridologist in Australia was given 15 patients to diagnose. These patients had been to a clinic of physicians and undergone very complete tests that s indicated the presence of 33 medical conditions.  The purpose of the experiment was to see if the iridologist could diagnose any, some or all of the existing clinical diseases. Of the 33 medical conditions the iridologist missed 30 and yet found 60 other conditions which none of these patients had.  A second set of examinations and blood tests was undergone to check for the 60 conditions “discovered” by the iridologist, but extensive testing could not find the presence of any of these diseases.

Not only is Iridology a scam that can take your money, but a misdiagnosis could lead to an illness becoming more severe if untreated and possibly a hastened death.

Kevin Trudeau

I am sure many of you have purchased his book, “Natural Cures” which has sold over 3 million copies and claims to have the cures the medical profession keeps secret from you.  Of course after you have paid thirty dollars for the book and possibly paid a fee to subscribe to his newsletter, you realize that you have been bilked out of your money.  There is no more information in that book than that taught to a public school student in science class.

This man has NO medical training at all. In fact he never even attended a university or college.  He went to jail in 1999 for credit card fraud and pyramid schemes.  He paid a 2 million dollar fine to the United State Government for selling Coral Calcium that was supposed to cure Cancer.  He is the ONLY person in the United States out of 300 million people who is forbidden by the government to manufacture or distribute health supplements. That is why he sells his book and subscriptions.  If you have already been seduced by this fast talking salesman, show this newsletter to your friends and understand that this man knows nothing about health cures but is the CEO of a corporation that takes in over two Billion dollars year promoting garbage

Diet Supplements

“Eat as much as you want and still lose weight” Don’t you just wish!   The fact is that there are no diet supplements on the market that will actually cause your body to lose weight.  There are some stimulants such as ephedrine and prescription diet pills which contain amphetamine or amphetamine-like compounds that actually suppress your appetite but the truth is that any money spent on a product that guarantees to make you lose weight might as well be spent on a chocolate éclair.  In fact when you look at a dieter’s progress one year later, you find that 98% of people who went on sudden weight loss and fad diets not only gained back all the weight but were usually five or ten pounds heavier than when they started.

We live in an age of instant everything. Instant messaging, instant pictures, meals that are prepared in two minutes from a package and drugs that work instantly (at least on television commercials). We do not want to wait.  We want an instant solution to the problem.  Half the people in this country are overweight and 15% of them are obese and all of these people are in denial.  They know that weight loss means a change of lifestyle in which more calories are burned than are consumed.  They know the right foods to eat and they know they have to exercise daily.  And yet, armed with all this knowledge, they continue to fall for the latest fad that promises to make them thin.  Even diet supplements that can truly make you feel as if you are not hungry do not work for these people because they eat by the clock, eat because they are upset or depressed or just eat because they have nothing else to do with their hands and mouth.

A diet is forever because it is your new regimen for the rest of your life that will not only lead to weight loss but also to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better heart function and much more health and happiness.  The answer to weight loss is not on the back of a magazine cover but is right in your mirror staring at you.

Ear Candling

This is an alternative treatment of removing wax from your ears. A special ear candle, usually made out of beeswax is inserted into the ear and lit. The theory is that the hollow ear candle creates an upward draft as it burns causing the wax to melt and be lifted out of your ear. The procedure involves putting a hole in the centre of a paper plate and placing the candle in that hole so that when the wax burns it falls on the plate and not on your body. The wax that lands on the paper plate looks and feels exactly like ear wax but it is not. It is actually the melted beeswax from the candle and all the wax in your ear is still there.

The proper method is to use any type of oil, baby oil, mineral oil or even olive oil and warm up this oil in a dropper bottle. You apply the warm oil to your ear 3 or 4 times a day and this melts the hardened wax in your ear canal. You then make an appointment with your doctor and they use a syringe to flush out the softened wax from your ear canal.

Ionic Cleansing Foot Baths

This is a procedure in which you place your feet in a foot bath with electrodes that pass a mild current through the water and according to the purveyors of this hoax, it removes all the toxins from every part of your body. In fact, one manufacturer of one of these foot baths has a colour chart that indicates which organs were cleansed; for example, if the liquid in your foot bath turns brownish or black, your liver is being cleansed. Black flecks in the water indicate the removal of heavy metals from your body and dark green indicates your gall bladder was cleansed.

The scammers that are involved in this business charge up to $1250 to buy one of these machines or you can go to one of these “practitioners” and pay anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars a session. Of course they tell you that you need more sessions to completely remove all the toxins from your body.

The truth is that these machines have two electrodes, one has a positive charge and the other has a negative charge. The electrodes are submerged in a foot bath with tap water which contains minerals. A mild current is passed between the electrodes producing positive and negative charges in the water. You may remember this process from school; it is called electrolysis and it is the same principle of physics that operates your car battery and that is used in the metal plating industry.

The sediment that accumulates in the water solution is actually composed of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, bromides, lead and oxidation from the metal electrodes that are in the water which produce iron oxide residues. The longer you run the machine the more residue you collect in the water and the darker the water gets.

Under these circumstances nothing is coming out of the skin on your feet but you are being psychologically convinced that you are getting healthier and healthier as the water gets darker and darker.

This is known as the placebo effect and in the case of pharmaceutical drugs, any new drug must demonstrate that its success results are much higher than placebo which can be anywhere from 35 per cent up to over 50 per cent We pay all that money and we want to believe that the treatment makes us healthier.

Your body has one organ for detoxification and it is your liver. Once your liver has completed the detoxification process the toxins can be eliminated in three ways, through your skin, in your urine or in your feces. It is physically impossible to detoxify your body in any other way. It is no different than taking your car through a high powered hot and steamy car wash and expecting not only the exterior to be clean, but the interior and the engine as well.

How many times have you seen black specks and pieces of metal accumulate in the water of vaporizers and kettles? This is because tap water is “hard water” which means it contains an abundance of minerals. As the electrodes in these devices heat the water over time, residues accumulate in the water. This oxidation process is exactly the same process that occurs when you put your feet in a foot bath and electric current is passed from a cathode (negative charge) to an anode (positive charge).

This is just a short list of the many scams perpetrated against helpless confused people who feel that have no other alternatives. I have just tried to steer you away from the crooked practitioners who may do you more harm than good.  If you are not happy with your medical doctor, get another physician’s opinion.  Have your doctor make an appointment with a specialist.  Get blood tests and all the CAT scans and MRI’s you need.

If you see an alternative practitioner let it be a naturopath with an ND degree.  At least they have four years of scientific training.  Chiropractors, acupuncturists and homeopaths can treat the symptoms of minor afflictions, aches and pains but are not qualified to treat diseases such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

Times are tough. The price of gasoline is reducing our spending power on the things we actually need. We need good health food and supplements to maintain our health. We do not need scams that take away even more of our money.

Finally, come to me.  With my extensive medical background I can look at all your tests, look at all your meds and supplements and possibly help you have a better understanding of your condition. I never charge for a consultation because I believe that knowledge is something that should be shared, not charged.


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