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Barry’s Supplements

What Supplements does Barry take?

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “what supplements do you take?’ Many of you think I have some secret because at 75 years of age I look and feel much younger, have most of my hair, good skin and I am in excellent shape and good health. So here are my secrets.
Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg
I take this every 12 hours because it gives me a great amount of energy, better blood flow to the arteries around my heart and great brain function
I take this every 12 hours also along with the Co-Q10 for energy, brain function and muscle recovery
Super Stress
Taken once a day, this is my multiple B vitamin which also contains 1000mg of Vitamin C. I take this instead of a multi vitamin
Such an important supplement for your brain, your heart, your joints, your eyes; in fact almost every part of your body. If I could take only one supplement to a deserted island this would be my choice
I take one very day because gut health is so important and this one has 45 billion microbes and is shelf stable; that is, does not need refrigeration
Vitamin E
I take one every day and have done so since 1967. Vitamin E actually makes your hemoglobin more efficient at picking up oxygen and delivering it to all the muscles of your body and your heart muscle in particular.
Vitamin D3
I take 2 to 4 capsules every day during the winter months. There is no food source for this vitamin and it is so necessary for good health. But soon I will be outdoors in the sun and