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Truly Unique Health Food Store

B.J.’s Nutrition store carries most of the name brand supplements that other health food stores sell, however, with a membership that costs $10 a year you will be able to purchase most of your supplements at the lowest price in Hamilton. What really distinguishes this store is the owner, Barry Goldman, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto in 1965 who practiced pharmacy for 35 years before becoming a Practitioner of Alternative Health Care.
This is the only health food store where a person who takes prescription medication can get good and honest advice about how herbal and vitamin supplements might react with the drugs he or she is taking. Barry understands that traditional and alternative medicine can both be used for the maximum benefit of the patient. He will honestly advise you if you should keep taking your prescription meds because unlike your pharmacist he does not have a financial interest in your prescriptions. His advice is geared to the individual needs of the patient in a professional and responsible manner. In some cases, such as Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, Barry has helped people get off their drugs with a diet and exercise program. People taking cholesterol-lowering drugs do not realize that these drugs are depleting their bodies of Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that helps blood circulation to the heart and gives you energy. They may not understand why they feel so tired. Many people experience severe muscle pain from their cholesterol drugs and Barry has helped them back to health by helping them get off the medication and showing them how to reduce their cholesterol levels naturally. Barry is trained to interpret the results of your blood tests and let you know if your LDL cholesterol or triglycerides are within normal limits or may be elevated.
You can actually bring in your list of medications and Barry can point out what every drug is for and how herbs and vitamins could react with or compliment the medications you are taking. Every month Barry writes a newsletter about health topics such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and cholesterol and all members receive a complimentary copy. You can find Barry’s articles on line at One of his most informative articles deals with which supplements are safe to take during chemotherapy and which ones are to be stopped. He also explains how to build yourself up between chemotherapy sessions. There is never a fee for any consultation with Barry. If you want to get healthier and increase the quality of your life come to B.J.’s Nutrition Centre, a truly unique health food store.