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Longevity and Supplements; the connection

Taking supplements is an investment in your health and longevity

Times are tough. The economic environment since 2008 has not been good. Many people look for areas in their life in which they can cut expenses and unfortunately many people… Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Disease can be prevented

New study shows how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Our whole population is living longer and as we do the fear of dementia and Alzheimer’s grows with each passing day. Up until recently the only way we could definitively diagnose Alzheimer’s… Continue reading

Ketogenic Diet for Alzheimer’s

Ketogenic Diet may help Alzheimer’s Patients

I am sure that most of you remember the Atkins weight-loss diet in which you starved your body of carbohydrates and ate huge amounts of saturated fats and lost weight. It worked because our… Continue reading