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New Drug for Thick Eyelashes

New Drug Provides Fuller Permanent Eye Lashes

Just last December Health Canada approved a new prescription drug in Canada called Latisse which grows thicker and fuller eyelashes.. Although it has been available in the United States for the last three… Continue reading

Is it Alzheimer’s or is it Dementia?

Is it Alzheimer’s or is it Dementia?

     As we age we all start losing our short-term memory. This is no different than losing bone density, losing hair or watching your skin get paler and thinner. However,… Continue reading

Want to prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes?

February is Heart Month and in spite of all the money raised by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, heart attacks and strokes are still the number one and two causes of death in North America. Instead of giving them money so that they can promote Becel margarine or Cheerios as heart-healthy foods, there are two foods that you can buy for yourself that will maintain and even improve your heart function, and yet the majority of people do not include them in their diets. They are fresh fish and raw nuts. Continue reading

Prescription Drug Interactions Are Killing Our Seniors

Last year in Canada 3300 seniors over the age of 65 died from drugs prescribed for them that interacted with medications they were already taking. Almost 200,000 patients were hospitalized in Canada due to drug reactions that could have been avoided and the extra cost to taxpayers to stabilize these patients and allow them to recover from the drugs cost us almost one billion dollars in 2006. Continue reading

Osteoporosis…. Medical Treatment versus Natural Treatment

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue. This leads to increased bone fragility and risk of fracture, particularly of the hip, spine and wrist. There are no symptoms, no aches, no pains; just a sudden fracture from what seemed liked incidental contact. Continue reading