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Cell Phones and Brain Tumours

Cell Phones are the latest addition to the Fear Industry

There are many environmental factors that scare many of us to death. Most of the time these fears are exaggerated and there really is no threat. But sometimes the threat is real as in the case of chemical factories that leak contaminants into the soil and cause local populations to have high incidences of lethal cancers. Governments try and convince their people that the radiation from the reactors is within safe limits and yet people have died horrible deaths at Chernobyl and most recently in Japan.

All it takes is a few true examples to flame the fires of the fear industry and make us afraid of everything. For years dermatologists scared us half to death about skin cancer and made us stay out of the sun. Now we have found that Vitamin D produced in our skin by the sun is absolutely essential to our health and well being and totally avoiding the sun is a prescription for diseases. The fear industry has scared us about hydro lines, telephone lines, microwave ovens, lead lipsticks, carcinogenic substances in baby bottles, BPA in plastic water bottles and now cell phones have been added to the list of things that are out to kill us.

Just recently the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that cell phones may cause brain cancer. They did not do a scientific study. They simply had an executive meeting, discussed the matter and made the pronouncement. These are the same people that terrified the world when they announced that the Avian Flu (bird virus) was going to spread all over the world and cause the deaths of millions of people. These are the same idiots that scared us half to death over the H1N1 influenza epidemic which turned out to be milder and less lethal than the normal cases of flu we get in Canada every winter. These are the same people who warned us about SARS two months after the epidemic started.  The fact is that if you look at the causes of death worldwide over the last 20 years, heart disease is up, cancer is up, Alzheimer’s is up considerably and brain tumours are about the same as they were 20 years ago. So in spite of the huge increase in cell phone uses, in spite of the fact that some children and teenagers sleep with them and keep them near their ear for extended periods of time, there is no scientific proof of any harm so far.

We should be more worried about the every day things that can actually kill us. In spite of all the safety equipment, approximately 3000 Canadians lost their lives in car collisions. Maybe some of these people died because they were not paying attention to the road conditions because they were talking on their cell phone. Did you know that if you are a man between the ages of 75 and 79, your risk of a serious lawn mower accident (such as a heart attack or stroke) is one in 1280? I did not read any press releases from the WHO about lawnmowers or automobiles. Maybe they have personal drivers who take them around and someone else to cut their grass. How many people die in the winter from heart attacks caused by shoveling snow or suffer frostbite from staying out there in the cold too long with their snowblowers?

There are many things that kill us all the time; shark attacks, snake bites even baseball players, especially pitchers in slow pitch who get hit in the head. Every year in North America there are more than a million collisions between cars and deer and moose. These collisions cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths but no major organization has taken the time to warn us about this hazard. The other day I saw my neighbour on his roof with a leaf blower cleaning out his eve troughs. This looked to me like a very dangerous endeavor that could have a very bad ending. Imagine however if he were doing this while talking on one of those dangerous cellphones.

The WHO’s cancer research arm classifies cellphone radiation as a group 2B carcinogen. This means there is very little “limited evidence” that they can cause cancer. Other products in this group include coffee, apples, talcum powder and the cadmium in inexpensive bracelets sold at Wal-Mart. Not only that, they cannot explain the process in which the carcinogen in these cell phones can cause a brain tumour.

Cell phones emit microwaves which are non-ionizing radiation. They have the potential to produce heat and could fry your brain if you cranked them up to the level of a microwave oven, 1,000 plus watts, but not at a few millionths of a watt which a phone produces.

Sunshine consists largely of non-ionizing radiation as well. The sun can kill you but only when exposure is extreme, such as a heatstroke while wandering in the desert without water. If the WHO really cared about our health they should condemn sunshine because of the fact that the sun’s rays also carry ionizing radiation, the kind that can cause cellular damage that is at the root of all cancers. This only happens when you allow the sun to burn your skin and this type of damage done consistently can be very dangerous. That is why we use sunblocks and protective clothing during long exposures.

The key to life is moderation. Eat a diet that includes a little bit of everything not a lot of one type of food. Go out in the sun in small increments and protect yourself from the harmful rays but do not avoid the sun altogether. Drive your automobile but always carefully and especially up north where the deer and the moose roam the road especially in the evening. Exercise every day but not too much because moderation is the key to staying healthy and staying in shape.

As far as cellphones are concerned the majority of users now use blue tooth devices and so the radiation from the phone is not near our brains. Most of our children, teenagers and even young adults actually spend more time texting on their phones than actually talking and this also keeps them away from their brains.

There will always be a fear industry out there constantly scaring you about things you never imagined but if you live your life in moderation you have a good chance of staying healthy and well.


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