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COVID-19 Killing more men than women

Why is COVID-19 killing more men?

     After New York had their very serious outbreak of COVID-19, they measured the hospitalization and death statistics comparing men to women. There were more than 40,000 male patients hospitalized compared to 34,000 woman. The COVID-19 death rate per 100,000 people in New York City was 55 for men and less than 30 for women. On August 27, New York City’s health department reported a rate of 11,389 men who died of COVID-19 compared to 7,646 women.  In China men accounted for 60% of COVID-19 patients and in Italy 72 per cent of all COVID-19 deaths were men.

     One suggested reason for these statistics is that men are greater risk takers, do not wear masks or social distance as much as women, smoke and drink more and are less likely to go to the doctor when sick.

     But the real reason is that women have stronger immune systems than men. In the design of the human race it was decided that women are of much more importance than men. So they have more fat cells which can regenerate any damaged cells, and a much stronger immune system because they are the beings that must carry and deliver our future generations.

     A new study published in the August issue of Nature  which was focused on men and women who were around 60 years of age, found that women’s immune systems produced more T cells than men’s and it is this strong T cell response that fights the infection and prevents the virus from spreading to other cells in the body. Researchers found that the poor T cell response for males correlated negatively with their age and was linked to worse disease outcomes, but this was not the case with females.

     Women have this advantage because they have two X chromosomes which gives them an immunological advantage. However, the bad news is that because women have this enhanced immune system, they are also more likely to suffer from auto-immune diseases. Although auto-immune diseases affect 8 per cent of the population, 76 per cent of these are women.

     The new COVID-19 vaccine from Astra Zeneca being produced in Oxford, England, has a component that stimulates the production of T cells. This vaccine would be dangerous for any woman who already has an auto immune disease and could also precipitate an auto-immune condition in an otherwise healthy woman.

     So you men out there be more careful when it comes to masks, physical distancing and hand cleaning but for you women be very wary of which vaccine your doctor wants to give you. A vaccine is a drug and you must be told about all the benefits and risks before consenting to be immunized.