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DASH voted best diet in the world

The DASH diet, rich in vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy, has been named the best overall diet for the fifth consecutive year, outpacing Weight Watchers and the Mediterranean Diet, as reported in January in U.S. News & World report.
DASH, which was developed to lower blood pressure without medication, was also chosen by a panel of health experts as the top diabetes diet and the best plan for healthy eating.
Weight Watchers retained the Number 1 spot as the best diet for weight loss, followed by HMR (Healthy Management Resources) low-calorie, meal replacement plan; and Jenny Craig, which offers prepared meals to drop excess pounds.
Angela Haupt, senior health and wellness editor at the U.S. News & Daily report said that in the five years that her paper has been evaluating diets, the DASH diet has received the top evaluation and ranking among all diets submitted for each of those five years.
Based on surveys, the newspaper found that the DASH diet is very good for your waistline, in addition to lowering blood pressure, because it is such a common-sense balanced diet.
The TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diet, which is designed to lower cholesterol levels came in second in the best overall category, followed by the Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers and the Mayo Clinic Diet, all of which each tied for third place.
At the opposite end of the scale is the PALEO Diet, which focuses on meat, fish and vegetables and is also known as the caveman diet. Just too much fatty meat in this regimen. The other diet tied for last was the Dukan Diet, a four phase high protein diet developed in France. It works well for the French who know how to prepare foods from the Dukan cookbook but does not work at all for North Americans.
Weight Watchers, based on a point system assigned to foods, Jenny Craig and the Mediterranean Diet, with its emphasis on vegetables, olive oil and fish are deemed the easiest diets to follow.
In order to compile this list, a panel of two dozen U.S. experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and food psychology ranked 35 different eating plans.
They looked at sample menus and published medical studies to rate the top diets overall as well as the best for weight loss, diabetes, heart disease and the easiest to follow. The newspaper provided the panel with as much comprehensive facts and studies as it could find.
The panel selected the Dean Ornish Diet, which is focused on fruits, vegetables and grains, as the top heart healthy diet, along with TLC and DASH.
Dean Ornish was a cardiologist who became fed up doing surgeries for blockages and wrote a book about how diet and exercise can reverse heart disease. In my opinion, it is one of the best diets for overall health and I would strongly recommend you read his book.