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Detox: A Revolutionary Detox Program

A revolutionary new detox program

For years I have been selling and watching people use a myriad of detox programs. The majority of these are weight loss products which usually act as laxatives and supply the loss of a few pounds of water. People use them to kick-start a diet. Some are more efficient such as the milk thistle cleanse which is the only one of these products that really does something. It actually stimulates a site in your liver (cytochrome p-450) to become more efficient with the detoxifying process. After all, the liver is the only organ in your body that is responsible for detoxification; all the rest is simply elimination through the urine, feces and skin. We have detox programs to stop smoking, rid your body of candida and even to help you breathe. But, in my opinion none of them are effective at achieving their goals.
Just recently, in conjunction with a renowned food scientist in Toronto, have developed a whole line of pure natural detoxes that I feel are superior to anything that has ever been done. When you swallow the capsules in a detox kit, it is hard to imagine fresh blueberries, fresh avocado, just ripe milk thistle or smooth rich curcumin. They are just powder in a capsule and have been processed severely to get into that capsule.
We have developed a line of fresh liquid detoxes that only contain the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables. They contain organic herbs grown from home gardens and along with the nutrient knowledge of the food scientist and my chemical and pharmacological knowledge, we have developed specific liquid formulas for nearly every condition that requires a detox.
Because all the ingredients are fresh and mixed together in a food processor, the detox is a liquid which you drink once a day for 7 days. The cost for this amazing detox is $75 plus a $10 refundable deposit for the original glass jug which contains your weekly supply.
We all know that if you just eat fruits and vegetables for a day, you will have a natural detox. Based on that natural theory, all the detox formulas will naturally cleanse out your entire body in a 7 day period.

Foggy Mind Detox: As we age we have those fogy days. Where did I put my keys. Why did I come into the kitchen? What am I looking for? Although this is a normal part of aging, it doesn’t have to be. With a special blend of fruits, veggies, oils and herbs you can say good bye to foggy days. As far as I know this is the first detox for that can actually clear your mind.

Liver and Energy Detox: Of course this is usually the most important one and besides avocado, dandelion and milk thistle it has also added a wide range of fresh fruits and veggies designed to make your liver efficiency increase by over 50 per cent. If you take any type of prescription drug, especially statins for cholesterol, this is a must. If you have had skin flare-ups, dermatitis or any irritating skin conditions, this will be the cleanse for you.

Lung Detox: So many people, especially in this polluted city have lung and breathing problems. Once again, a specially designed detox to clear out those lungs and restore your breathing back to normal will make you feel like a new person. The cilia (little hairs on your lungs that trap dirt and dust particles in the air) feed on the nutrients in the special lung cocktail and restore greater function to your bronchioles.

Irritable bowel (IBS) detox:
So many people suffer from digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, gas, burping and a general intestinal malaise. Once again, a special formula designed specifically for your digestive system, with anti-inflammatory ingredients and products that help you digest the food you normally eat in a way that you can enjoy eating once again.

Body Builder’s Detox: Some body builders are so intent on building defined muscle that looks very good but may not be very good for their overall health. Usually they are too low in body fat, and too high in protein because of their constant smoothies and shakes. This can lead to severe kidney problems and even kidney stones. Our natural delicious detox restores the kidneys to their normal function and balances out the ratio of fat to muscle in the body builder, thus making that person a lot healthier.

Arthritis detox: Most people over 50 suffer from sort of arthritis somewhere in their body and although this is a normal part of aging, the pain and inflammation associated with it are not normal but usually due to a poor diet. When you try our arthritis detox, you will feel how the intake of fresh fruits, veggies and anti-inflammatory herbs will take away the pain and inflammation and give you greater mobility. Your arthritis will still be there and show up in x-rays but with the proper detox, you will forget you even have this condition.
Weight Loss Detox: Once again, the key to true weight loss is actually the ingestion of fresh fruits and vegetables, good unsaturated fats and good protein. Our cleanse will get you off on the right foot because it is not some pill in a capsule or a high fiber drink that requires gallons of liquid. It is fresh, prepared daily with the best organic materials to start your weight loss program.

Alcohol and Stop Smoking Detox: This is a very specialized formula that allows you to regain your normal health and takes away the craving for alcohol or cigarettes.

Cholesterol Detox: if your doctor is complaining that your cholesterol numbers are too high we have the perfect formula for you made from all natural products including avocado to bring your cholesterol number down to a number both you and your physician can live with.

Personalized Detox: Many of you will prefer this program. Because I have the knowledge of biochemistry and pharmacology and my partner is the expert food nutritionist, we can design a personal detox program just for you. I will discuss the purpose of the detox, take into account your prescription drugs, supplements and blood tests and make a note of your daily diet. Based on this information, we will come up with your own personalized detox program designed to make you better. No tablet or capsule in a box can do that for you.

Drop by the store and learn more about our new all natural revolutionary delicious detox programs.