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Do I Really Need A Colon and Liver Cleanse?


Although we live in a very toxic environment, we human beings are the very top of the food chain and as such we have a variety of mechanisms that our bodies use to protect us from daily toxins. The organs of detoxification are the bowels, liver, kidney, lungs and skin. Your lungs expel toxins when you use very deep breaths and your skin expels toxins through perspiration. Sufficient fluid intake is enough to support elimination of toxins from the bowels, kidneys and the skin. A proper diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and high in fiber and proteins and moderate amounts of alcohol is easily detoxified by the liver. In other words, in a perfect world we would not need cleanses but in certain cases it may be necessary.

Plants and animals store toxins in their fatty parts. Toxins move up the food chain from plants, insects and algae to small fish or mammals, which are eaten, by larger fish and mammals and so on until they are consumed by humans. Toxins may be passed on to newborns through mother’s milk. At each level of the food chain, toxins become more concentrated and sometimes they accumulate at a greater rate than they can be naturally eliminated. If this happens you may need a colon or liver cleanse.

If you do not have regular bowel movements (at least once a day for most people) feel tired, lethargic, lack energy or have poor skin colour or even irritated skin, you may need a colon and liver cleanse.

Most colon cleanses have a number of herbs of which psyllium is the main ingredient along with a long list of mild laxatives that remove toxins and waste from the colon. Stay away from short term cleanses that contain Cascara and Senna because these will not only completely clean out your whole system, but will cause dehydration and completely strip your colon of its good bacteria leaving you very vulnerable to infection. They also strip your body’s stores of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D Vitamin E and Essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9. A person who uses a cleanse for dieting purposes may inadvertently die from malnutrition because of the drastic loss of these essential nutrients. In some cases, the drastic loss of fluid from the colon can result in a severe loss of electrolytes causing the heart muscle to stop because of a lack of potassium and magnesium.

A proper colon cleanse should be done slowly during a thirty day period. Each day your fiber blend would remove toxins and wastes from your body. However you would take digestive enzymes before each meal to reduce the amount of work done by your digestive system. You would also take a probiotic after each meal to replace the normal flora bacteria that you are flushing out each day. This ensures a safe clean detoxification of your colon. However, once this is done, you must try and maintain a healthy colon by eating a low fat, high fiber diet rich in fruits and vegetables and consuming large amounts of water. You would not drain all the dirty oil from the crankcase of your car and then put the same oil back into your engine. No one is perfect and even though you try your best, toxins may accumulate and a once a year cleanse is very safe. If you do colon cleanses too often, your bowels will become lazy and you will not be able to have proper bowel movements without the aid of laxatives or psyllium.

Liver Cleanse

Although colon cleanses are important, liver cleanses are designed to remove all the dangerous chemicals we voluntarily put into our bodies. Alcohol, when consumed in large quantities can severely inhibit the ability of the liver to perform its normal detoxification of toxins. Acetaminophen when taken as an over-the-counter drug in Tylenol preparations or acetaminophen with codeine preparations is the most difficult pain medication for your liver to detoxify. (Ibuprofen, a far superior pain reliever is excreted through your kidneys and is far safer as a treatment for chronic pain.) Prescription drugs are designed to go directly to your liver where they are slightly altered and sent back into your blood stream. The most difficult drug of all is Coumadin (warfarin) a prescription drug that reduces blood platelets (blood thinner) and is usually prescribed for people who have had a heart attack or stroke. Our bodies may have been designed to deal with day-to-day toxins from our environment, but they were never designed to deal with all the drugs that overwhelm our livers.

Although there are many liver cleanses on the market, the most effective product is pure milk thistle herb in a liquid preparation. It activates enzymes that clear residual toxins from your liver. It actually blocks the release of histamine thus providing tremendous protection against food allergies, pollen and almost any toxin that would cause an allergic reaction. Milk thistle increases blood supply to Cytochrome P-450, the most important enzyme involved in drug detoxification. If you are a heavy drinker who takes Tylenol # 3’s, first do a liver cleanse and then stop taking these two deadly substances. If you have to take prescription drugs constantly on a daily basis, then you should do a liver cleanse at least every two or three months.

If you feel very tired all the time and have very poor skin colour combined with skin irritation and skin rashes, you must do a liver cleanse immediately. Unlike many drastic colon cleanses, you will hardly even notice any change while doing your liver cleanse as you gradually start to look better and feel more energetic.