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Drug Dealers and Blackmailers


Drug Dealers and Blackmailers

Is Your Doctor One Of Them?

I personally feel that many physicians over-prescribe.  I see many people taking three different medications to lower their blood pressure, two diuretics, two blood thinners and a host of other drugs that do not seem to fit their condition.  But, can you say no to your doctor?  In many cases, if you do not exactly follow your physician’s orders, you will be told either to go along or find another doctor.  At the present time in the province of Ontario, there is not even one doctor accepting new patients.  I would call this blackmail.

I recently saw a woman who refused to take her cholesterol-lowering prescription because she was suffering severe muscle pain.  Her doctor made a notation on her chart indicating she was “difficult” patient and told her that he would no longer see her as a patient.  Maybe she is better off without him, but shouldn’t she be the one to make the choice.

In a society that values “free” health care, the government keeps cutting back on physician’s fees. This allows the pharmaceutical companies to step in and use bribes and incentives for physicians to prescribe their drugs.  The pharmaceutical companies pay doctors large amounts of money to put their patients in so-called “studies”. This means that the doctor must keep prescribing the drugs for the patient and keep them on the drug in order to get his money or perks from the drug company.  There is definitely a conflict of interest in that the interests of the patient become secondary to the financial interests of the doctor. If someone is being paid to supply people with drugs, don’t we call that drug dealing?  The only difference is that these are legal drugs.  However, they can be just as harmful as street drugs if incorrectly prescribed.

There are doctors who will not repeat your prescription by phone.  They insist that you come to the office, sit there for a few hours amongst all the sick patients and wait your turn for that 30-second appointment which results in a new prescription refill.  I know of one doctor who makes his patients come every two weeks.  Is that fair? Especially if you are elderly or you have to walk on slippery streets in the middle of winter.  If your doctor insists on being paid before writing you a prescription, wouldn’t you call that drug dealing?

The majority of doctors do not fit into the above categories, but as times get tougher and there is less and less money for health care, we leave our physicians open to the claws of the pharmaceutical companies.  Try very hard to only see your doctor if it is really important.  Make every effort to take care of yourself.  Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables;

Exercise regularly even if it is only a half- hour walk.  Take a good gender and age-specific multiple vitamin along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega 3 fish oil.  And of course, make sure you eat an apple a day, the one sure method of keeping the doctor away.