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Female Constipation

Why constipation is more of a female problem

After 50 years in the health care business listening to the medical problems of people, I eventually start to form my own opinions about some of their causes. One of those is the prevalence of constipation among the female members of our society.
For those of you with children think back to the toilet-training days. In most cases, boys seemed impossible. Very slow to be potty-trained, they seemed not to care where they pooped or if they urinated in their training pants. Many boys are not fully trained until the ages of 3 or 4 years old. Girls, on the other hand were mostly the opposite. Generally they are much better behaved and always trying to please. They understand very clearly the wishes of the parent and learn at a very young age to hold it in. I have had parents brag to me that their little girl was toilet-trained at one year old. Although this is great when you have little toddlers in your house, problems will develop as an adult.
This is not an old-age problem but is a life-long problem for many women. So if you are a woman that suffers from this condition and it still exists in spite of all the fiber and fruit that you ingest, never give up. Try not to use laxatives but drink lots and lots of water. Exercise as much as you can because when your body moves regularly so do your bowels. Keep on with that high-fiber high fruit diet and remember this. You were just trying to please your mom and make her happy by being such a good girl. [print_link]