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Health Canada attacks Vaping Could the same resources be used to attack fast food? The latest statistics across Canada show that in 2019 there were 1299 lung infections directly attributed to vaping and 26 deaths, all of them people under 30 years of age. Although this is a horrible situation, it is nice to see Health Canada restricting the sale of vaping materials and treating vaping like cigarettes. That means no advertising of any kind. I truly applaud the effort of our government because they are going up against all the major tobacco companies who have recently become very involved in the manufacture and distributing of vaping materials. They have lots of money and influence with our politicians but our government is fighting hard to restrict this new form of smoking. Wouldn’t it be really great if Health Canada used the same methods they used against the Vaping companies to restrict Fast Foods. I say this because in relation to those 26 deaths due to vaping we have on the other hand in the same year, 41,500 deaths due to Type 2 diabetes and 62,000 deaths due to strokes caused by heart disease. The companies that control McDonalds, Popeye’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Wendy’s and so many more are constantly in our face with their advertising. Not just billboards but constant TV commercials, many of them late at night. They are called fast food outlets but the truth is they sell poisonous substances covered in very tasty sugars and fats and they cause more deaths in our country than any cause. They are the main reason health costs go up year after year so this is what I propose. First of all if you care about your health stop frequenting these establishments. Secondly I would like to see a grass roots movement to petition Health Canada to treat these restaurants the same way they treat tobacco and vaping. Completely disallow any advertising at all. They fill our airwaves constantly with their Big Macs and Wendy Burgers. They should not be allowed to give away cute little toys with their poisonous meals. McDonalds just introduced a new Big Mac with added bacon giving it 1040 calories and that does not include the fries or soft drink with it. This “meal” could easily go to 2000 calories of which the majority calories are from fat, carbohydrates and sugars. Since they like giving away things with their meals, they should offer a chance to draw for a free defibrillator with each purchase. We have seen how quickly Health Canada can act when they came down on vaping. Let’s see them come down just as hard on fast food which is the number one cause of obesity, heart disease and death in North America.