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Why not pay people to be vaccinated?

A Vaccine Subsidy: Solves 2 Crises With One Shot

     What’s the best way to get the economy back on track after the COVID-19 recession? Simple: Achieve herd immunity. The problem is that because of Trump’s interference in the science,… Continue reading

COVID-19 from the virus’s point of view

Covid-19: Consider the Virus’s Point of View

     No sensible person can dispute the Covid-19 is a great tragedy for humanity. Although deadly viruses are around us all the time, our treatment of this disease has brought disaster upon ourselves.… Continue reading

COVID-19 Vaccines in short supply?

Will Shark Liver Oil and Horseshoe Crab blood limit the supply of a COVID-19 Vaccine?

     We’ve already seen the costs of supply chain failures during the COVID-19 pandemic: Delays in the production of simple nasal swabs slowed testing by… Continue reading