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Cholesterol Lowering Foods

15 foods to boost your good cholesterol

     You’ve probably heard that HDL cholesterol=good and LDL cholesterol=bad. So if you’re trying to improve your heart health (or just keeping your heart in tip-top shape), you might be wondering what to… Continue reading

Getting Old

Time to rethink about the way we age

     A large proportion of my clients are elderly and have many chronic conditions and aches and pains. They constantly complain and usually say that aging is not very good. At which… Continue reading

BMI Index Expires

BMI Index is outdated and replaced

     In case you missed it last month Canadian Researchers demoted the BMI (body mass index) as a diagnostic tool.

     The news came in the form of a publication in the Canadian Medical… Continue reading

COVID-19 Vaccine Shortages

Shark Liver Oil and Horseshoe Crab blood limit the supply of a COVID-19 Vaccine?

     We’ve already seen the costs of supply chain failures during the COVID-19 pandemic: Delays in the production of simple nasal swabs slowed testing by months… Continue reading

Diet Soda Germs

The Germs That Love Diet Soda

     There are lots of reasons to avoid processed foods. They’re often packed with sugar, fat and salt, and they tend to lack certain nutrients critical to health, like fiber.   And now, new research… Continue reading