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Healthy People Don’t Die

Healthy People Don’t Die from Coved-19

     At this moment we are all living in a state of panic. We have a new norm of what I call anti-social distancing of 2 meters. Most people wearing masks and gloves and everyone living in fear of catching the dreaded Coved-19 and dying a painful and miserable death.

     Well, I have some good news for you. Not for all of you, but those people who eat healthy food; the people who are getting out and walking and doing some exercise; the people who are getting a good night’s sleep and the people who are faithfully taking all their vitamins and supplements. You will not die. You may get a sore throat and a cough with a mild fever and maybe a touch of chest congestion. But 80 per cent of you will come in contact with this virus, develop antibodies and go on with your life without even a symptom.

     I am talking about lifestyle. Many of us choose to lead healthy lifestyles but the majority of us do not. Those who consume large amounts of alcohol, smoke cigarettes or marijuana and spend your days eating food from fast-food restaurants and use your tread mill to dry your clothes, have a lot to fear from Coved-19.

     For all you unhealthy, obese people with high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and high blood sugar this is a war. But unlike a normal war in which we use weapons to fight an enemy, this war is what you have been preparing for all of your life. Our government has ordered you to stay home, sit in bed or on the couch and eat food. You have been excellent at this all of your life and now is your chance to shine. However, you will also be the first casualties of this war.

     As for the rest of us healthy people, we should get out there. Open up our businesses and go back to work because we have nothing to fear.

Slowing the Curve

     This is the overall plan that governments all around the world are trying. If we keep people away from each other there will be less transmitted infection. The problem will occur when our leaders finally allow us to get together again. This will produce a second bell curve of diseases or a second wave. In my opinion this is a great mistake. It is inevitable that we come in contact with this virus. We are just delaying it. Lets just get it over with as quickly as possible.

     We learn from our mistakes and this is a learning process. I feel that we should have carried on with our lives as usual. This would have created an even greater spike in the infection and death count but it would be over. Now that we know all of our short comings; not having enough hospital beds, ventilators or PPE equipment, we can correct that in the future when the next epidemic hits. Sweden has been the one country that did not institute anti-social distancing and kept the restaurants and bars open. When this is over we will be able to compare the two approaches to this pandemic.

     And maybe, just maybe people will think more about their health and lifestyle before they jam that Big Mac or Pizza down their throat with a Coke or Pepsi chaser. Maybe we will be better prepared because we have learned that the only people who die are those with underlying medical conditions such as old age, COPD, Type 2 diabetes, asthma, heart disease and all the other lung conditions caused by smoking.

     In Canada the more money you have, the healthier you tend to be. In the same way you worked hard and sacrificed to be a good provider for your family, you also worked hard and sacrificed to make yourself healthier. People with lower incomes tend to be a lot unhealthier. Most diseases are diseases of poverty.

     So what have we done to stop the spread of Coved-19? We have put millions of people out of work, mostly low income people. The waiters, the busboys, the barbers and hairdressers, the Uber drivers and all those people trying to operate small independent businesses. When this is all over, there will be more people in poverty than ever;people, not only with physical disabilities but with a wide range of mental disabilities in which stress is a daily part of their lives. We will have created a whole sub culture of poverty-stricken unhealthy people.

     We have fast become a very unhealthy society because we are too quick to indulge ourselves in the great variety of bad food options. You cannot go anywhere without food being available to you, hot dogs in front of Canadian Tire, fast food at Home Depot and Walmart, all the beer and heart attack food available at all sporting contests and at the end of the day, after all that hard work, no time to exercise.

    If we learn anything from this Coved-19 pandemic it should be to develop a healthier lifestyle; one with good food, supplemented by high quality Vitamins; a daily exercise routine not just for physical health but for mental health as well; a life without cigarettes and moderate intake of alcohol. Then we will truly be prepared for any pandemic in the future.