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High Blood Pressure Treatment Options


High Blood Pressure Medical Treatment Versus Natural Treatment

As we age, our arteries accumulate plaque.  This restricts the flow of your blood and increases the pressure inside the artery. This condition is called hypertension or high blood pressure.  This situation can be dangerous if the high pressure of the blood pulsating through the artery knocks off a piece of plaque which then travels around your circulatory system.  If it gets stuck in your heart, cutting off the blood supply you are having a heart attack and if it gets stuck in an artery in your brain cutting off blood supply, you get a stroke.

Your blood pressure (BP) is measured in two components, the systolic pressure, which is the pressure as your heart fills, and the diastolic pressure, which is the pressure when your heart pumps out the blood. A good range is 120 to 130 systolic and about 80 to 90 diastolic.  The electronic machines located in pharmacies, malls and hospitals are very accurate and are calibrated on a regular basis.  Your physician’s old-fashioned bulb type that depends on hand eye coordination may never have been calibrated and was probably a gift when he or she graduated.  If your doctor tells you that your blood pressure is high, do not let him get out that prescription pad. There may be many reasons for that high reading and you must explore all avenues of treatment before resorting to drugs.

Your BP is constantly changing.  If you take your BP ten times over a 30-minute span, each reading will be different and it will decrease the longer you sit.  In order to determine your real blood pressure, you must take readings every day over a 2-week period and get an average of your daily pressure.  If it suddenly jumps when you see your doctor, you know that your anxiety has caused the jump and this is not your true pressure.

If it has been determined that you actually have elevated BP, the medical profession will treat it with two classes of drugs.  First we have the Beta-blockers, Calcium Channel blockers or ACE inhibitors, all of which slow down your heart rate. If you compare your circulatory system to a hose, the drugs have actually turned the tap down and reduced the pressure in your arteries. The risk is gone, you now feel very tired and you must take these drugs for the rest of your life.  This reduced pressure in your circulatory system has an effect all over your body and is the main cause of sexual dysfunction in males because of the reduced blood flow.

The second class is diuretics.  If your body is retaining water due to an inefficient heart muscle (congestive heart failure) your BP is very high. You can actually see the swelling of your ankles and wrists.  Diuretics stimulate your kidney to excrete extra water and this brings down your BP.  However you also lose much needed potassium which is the most important mineral involved in muscle contraction.  You must replace this potassium or your most important muscle, your heart muscle will be severely compromised.  If you use diuretics daily over a ten-year period or more, this constant wear and tear on your kidneys eventually causes maturity onset diabetes.  Now you have a much greater problem and you will need even more drugs for this condition.

The medical treatment simply accepts the fact that your arteries have plaque and simply gives you drugs for the rest of your life to reduce your risk of sudden death.  Diet, exercise and prevention are not part of the physician’s domain.

Treating elevated BP naturally is of course a lot healthier and safer. If you smoke, quit now!!  The chemicals in tobacco, especially nicotine constrict the arteries and capillaries reducing blood circulation.  The hemoglobin in your red blood cells has a greater affinity for carbon monoxide (a product of combustion from your cigarette) than for oxygen.  Since the function of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen molecules, your oxygen delivery to all parts of your body is reduced by inhaling cigarette smoke.

Most people have a few pounds to lose and a small drop in weight of 5 to 10 pounds can actually bring your elevated BP back down to normal levels.  You can do this by eating a healthier diet, and doing some mild form of exercise such as walking for 40 minutes a day without stopping.  It takes about 10 minutes for your body to warm up and start burning fat, so the motion must be continuous from start to finish.  If you stop eating prepared foods, potato chips, prepared dinners, soups, fast food and mall food, your salt intake will drop dramatically.  Salt actually causes your body to retain water and hence your BP increases.  You will also lose a lot of weight by swearing off these foods.

If you have gone the diet and exercise route and you can go no further, then there are some natural remedies you can try which are designed to reduce the plaque in your arteries.  In natural medicine we go to the source as opposed to pharmaceutical medicine which simply treats symptoms.

One of these methods is chelation therapy. This is a very high dose  mineral vitamin combination that reduces plaque in the arteries.  You can go once a month for an injection or you can do oral chelation which means using a product such as H.H. Heart tablets in a dose of 10 a day for a period of 6 to 8 months.  These tablets will not interfere with your regular meds and if successful you can get off your drugs.  A second method is using Co Enzyme Co Q 10 in doses of 100 to 120 mg a day. This product lowers arterial resistance to blood flow providing increased arterial circulation.

Another method is the Strauss Heart Drops, a combination of herbs containing Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorne, Mothers Wort and White Willow Bark.  This herbal method involves using the selected dose three times a day for about one year.  The drops have a huge success rate and once again will not interfere with your other meds.  Some people control their BP by eating a whole clove of garlic a day or by taking a good garlic supplement.

If you have been recently diagnosed with high Blood Pressure, then start dieting and exercising immediately for easy success.  If you have had elevated BP for a long time, then the natural remedies should be tried.  If all the natural remedies do not help, you must seek medical attention because elevated BP puts you at high risk for heart attack, stroke or sudden death.