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How to Control the sale of e-cigarettes

Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes (Vaping Devices)

Should be sold ONLY in Pharmacies

     On July 1, 1993 The Ontario College of Pharmacists successfully persuaded the Ministry of Health to ban the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies in Ontario. The College felt that the sale of cigarettes took away our squeaky clean image with our nice white lab coats.

     At the time, myself and a few other pharmacists tried to convince the College they were making a mistake. We suggested that cigarettes, just like other behind- the- counter products such as Acetaminophen with Codeine, insulin, hypodermic needles and so on should be controlled by the pharmacists. We felt that if you had to ask the man in the white coat for your pack of Rothmans you might think twice about it and even quit. We could also be there with advice on how to quit.

     Instead they chose to allow the sale of cigarettes in convenience stores in which, in my opinion, the clerk would not adhere to the higher standards of a pharmacy when selling cigarettes to people of legal age. Now these convenience stores not only have all the cigarettes but all the E-cigarette vaping devices, refills and all the paraphernalia associated with vaping. There are absolutely no controls. It is a retail business and the goal is to maximize sales.

     If we really want to control the E-cigarette vaping epidemic which is causing severe lung diseases and deaths, especially among our youth, we must put these products back into the pharmacy. Not on display but under the counter. That way you have to ask the pharmacist for the product and the function of the pharmacist, with regard to behind-the-counter products, is to control their misuse.

     Under these circumstances you would never see any person under 21 getting vaping materials and we finally stop all the teenagers who are getting into vaping and risking their lives.

     And if the College of Pharmacists thinks selling tobacco in pharmacies is so disgusting then why are they letting Shoppers Drug Mart sell marijuana in its stores?      Our LCBO and Beer stores are excellent at selling their products only to people of legal age. Let’s put back the cigarettes and Vapes into a controlled environment where their sale is restricted to health professionals. [print_link]