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HPV Vaccine: A Waste of 300 Million Dollars


In the last year our Federal Government has spent more than $300 million to vaccinate young girls against cervical cancer. This vaccine is being administered to girls from the age of 11 and up before they become sexually active in order to prevent the possibility of developing the Human Papilloma Virus which can sometimes lead to cervical cancer.

Prior to 1960, Cervical cancer was one of the most deadly because just like Ovarian and Lung Cancer, diagnosis was usually too late. By the time the cancer was detected it was usually beyond any form of treatment.

In the mid sixties the birth control pill was introduced and because it was felt that this would lead to more promiscuity and more unprotected sex, physicians decided that any woman on the pill should have a Pap Test (test for Human Papilloma Virus) every two years. Once taking the pill became a part of every day life for young women, their annual or bi-annual pap tests also became part of their routine. By the 1990’s, 25 years after the introduction of the first pill for birth control, cervical cancer had virtually disappeared.

If you check the statistics for the Canadian Cancer Society which lists all the new cases and cancer deaths each year, out of the 17 types of cancer that cause deaths in females, cervical cancer is rated 14th with a death rate of 0.2%. There were actually 1470 new cases and 382 deaths from this disease in Canada in 2007 and yet with careful sexual practices and regular gynecological exams every one of these deaths could have been prevented. Unfortunately many people today do not even have a family doctor and without a primary care physician a woman cannot be referred to a gynecologist. If a woman is infected with HPV eventually the symptoms will disappear. If the squamous cells in the cervix develop into cervical cancer there would be no way of discovering this without a gynecological examination. By the time the symptoms become unbearable, it would be too late for treatment and thus 382 deaths last year in Canada.

If a woman becomes infected with HPV (human papiloma virus), this growth will show up when she has her Pap test and will be tested to see if it develops into a cancer. In rare cases, this virus starts the growth of squamous cancer cells in the cervix, the same kind of squamous cells that cause skin cancer. If this is detected, a trained gynecologist, using specialized laser treatment) will simply zap out the squamous cancer cells in the cervix and the treatment is complete. Of course the woman will continue to have regular Pap tests to see if the HPV virus or the squamous cells reappear. Under these circumstances the cure rate for cervical cancer is 100%.

So why is the government spending hundreds of millions of dollars to vaccinate young girls for a disease that has all but disappeared from our society?

I would suspect in the first place that a great selling job has been done by the manufacturer, Merck Sharpe Dome, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world made infamous by its destructive drug Vioxx which may have been responsible for as many as 28,000 deaths from heart attacks. It also gives the government an opportunity to look as if they care about the welfare of the public and the prevention of disease while they take your tax dollars and hand it over to big Pharma instead of spending more money to get enough medical doctors into the system.

In Canada, people who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds are usually the ones without a family doctor and of course no access to a gynecologist. Not only are these people more susceptible to cervical cancer but to almost all forms of disease because their only source for medical treatment is the hospital emergency or walk-in clinic.

When we manufacture a vaccine, we usually take a live form of the virus, dilute it to a level in which it has no activity, and then inject it into the child. This produces antibodies which are specific for that virus such as measles, mumps, polio, etc. In this case, Merck has developed a synthetic virus and for some strange reason the vaccine has caused approximately 21 deaths in girls between 11 and 13 and a number of cases of severe paralysis, some of which disappeared after a few months and some of which caused permanent damage. There have also been 9,749 adverse reactions that were bad enough to be reported. That is actually a very small number if you consider that almost 400 million doses of the vaccine have been administered world-wide. However, it is not a small number if one of those girls that died or became paralyzed was your daughter.

If you consider all the vaccines we have such as Chicken Pox, Small Pox, mumps, polio, red measles etc., no other vaccine that I can think of has ever been severe enough to cause a child to die from the injection.

If we actually used the Human Papilloma Virus to make the vaccine, it would be a lot more expensive but at least the worst side-effect would be a positive Pap test for HPV virus and maybe some squamous cancer cells both of which could be treated. I personally think that this vaccine, sold under the trade name Gardasil, should be removed from the market until such time as Merck can find out why these young girls are dying or becoming paralyzed.