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Influenza Vaccine

Why the Flu Vaccine did not work this year

Every year we take the three most lethal influenza viruses, infect hen’s eggs with them and then harvest the result. We mass produce this vaccine and it is strongly suggested that everyone take it to avoid getting the flu.
The truth is that we have all come in contact with those 3 viruses and our whole society is already immune. What kills and infects us are the new strains of the virus that mutate each year.
When these dead viruses are injected into our bodies, they are supposed to stimulate our antibodies to produce an antidote for the infecting organism. Not only does this method not work, but it means a new vaccine each year and billions in sales for the pharmaceutical companies.
There is another way to produce a true flu vaccine that would last from 7 to 10 years but of course, this would not be very profitable for the large pharmaceutical companies that make the flu vaccine.
A universal vaccine could be manufactured using computers and not viruses. Using recombinant DNA we can produce short flu-virus fragments that are already recognized by our immune system. These are known as epitopes. They are specific proteins that are common to every strain of influenza virus. Surface proteins on a virus stick out like pins and change all the time, resulting in many mutations every year. But by using proteins found in the core which are stable and do not change, one injection would teach our T-cells in our immune system to recognize these core proteins and destroy them. No need to change the vaccine any more.
This is not new technology but has been around for at least 20 years. This year almost 60,000 people in the United States and 13,000 people in Canada died from the flu. Although many were old and frail or suffering from another disease, more than 100 infants in North America died this year.
How do the executives and shareholders of the pharmaceutical companies sleep at night knowing that they could have prevented the majority of these deaths but chose instead to line their pockets and the pockets of their shareholders? It is a sad reflection on the society in which we live. [print-link]