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Jack Layton Did Not Have to Die

Jack Layton’s Death Was Premature

In my opinion Jack Layton would be alive and well today if he did not aggressively treat his prostate cancer which resulted in the cancerous cells metastasizing into his lungs causing him to die a premature death from lung cancer.

I have spent most of my adult life in the health care field and have continued with my education right up until today in order that I may be informed about the latest medical studies and information. You do not go hunting rabbits with an elephant gun and yet this is how the medical establishment treats prostate cancer.

The majority of the diagnosed prostate cancers are benign and they are restricted to the prostate gland which is encapsulated. They just stay there and do not bother anybody. A large number on a PSA test indicates the presence of an enlarged prostate gland, not cancer. A biopsy will reveal cancerous cells but there are many types and the most deadly ones are found most commonly in black men.

Almost every man, once he reaches the age of seventy years old has cancerous cells in his prostate gland. This is a normal condition. Study after study has shown that whether you treat prostate cancer or not, your lifespan is exactly the same. Pierre Trudeau was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his early sixties and lived to the ripe old age of 81.His death was attributed to Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer. He never underwent any treatment for his prostate. Aggressively treating prostate cancer will not extend your life but it may bring it to an early end.

I feel very strongly about the existence of symptoms because they are the manner in which your body tells you something is wrong. When a man goes to the doctor and has a routine exam and blood test and the result is a high number PSA, then a second test is ordered. If the number keeps going up, a biopsy is performed. But what about the patient? Does he have any symptoms? Is it difficult to urinate? Is there a burning sensation and foul odour to your urine? Do you have pain down there and are you unable to sleep at night or go out during the day because of constant urination or the feeling that you have to go? If none of these symptoms are present why are you going to allow a physician to possibly castrate you, either by surgery or with drugs, radiate you, or start you on a course of chemotherapy?

The main reasons men undergo any necessary procedures are twofold; in the first place you have the urologist telling you that this is the correct treatment for your condition. Then you have your wife who has heard the dreaded “C” word and from a female point of view, if you have cancer you get treatment. The push is on and before you know it you are on a table in a hospital.

Dr. John Dick who does his research at the University of Toronto is one of the world’s leading authorities on stem cells and his research primarily involves separating the cancerous stem cells that produce the cancerous cells from the normal cancer cells that are being produced.

An interesting part of that research has shown that when the prostate gland is subjected to radiation in order to destroy the cancerous cells, in many cases, a few stem cells escape the area and migrate to other parts of the body where they can exist in a friendlier environment. I am convinced that this is what happened to Jack Layton.

Jack Layton’s wife, Olivia Chow is a wonderful person and loved her husband very much. I am sure that the strong love she had for Jack prompted her to push him towards the most aggressive treatment possible which in her mind would be the end and they would have a long life together. But prostate cancer is not the same as breast cancer and in my opinion you do not agree to surgery, radiation or castration unless you are having some type of problem.

So far, the actual cancer that caused Jack Layton’s death has not been revealed. However, when I saw him on television on August 25th, 2011, not only could I see that he was dying but his strained voice told me that the cancer had traveled to his lungs. This type of observation comes with years of practice of talking and treating sick people. The family may never reveal the actual cause because we tend to have different feelings for people who die from lung cancer because they have usually been smokers.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people wear pink and ride, walk and run for breast cancer. Thousands more wear blue and ride, walk and run for prostate cancer. When did you ever see a person in a black t-shirt trying to raise money for lung cancer? And yet it is the most lethal of all the cancers that affect us.

What happened to Jack Layton was actually very rare. But too often I have seen very healthy men aggressively treated for prostate cancer and the quality of their life just goes down the drain. Their sex life is over and they suffer from hot flashes and night sweats because of the drugs that caused their castration. These same drugs cause a large proportion of these men to suffer heart attacks and how much life do you have left after suffering a severe heart attack or stroke?

I can honestly tell you that if I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and did not feel any symptoms, I would absolutely not have any treatment.


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