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Longevity and Supplements; the connection

Taking supplements is an investment in your health and longevity

Times are tough. The economic environment since 2008 has not been good. Many people look for areas in their life in which they can cut expenses and unfortunately many people feel that they can safely reduce the number and quantity of the supplements they take.
After all, when you take supplements you usually do not feel any immediate effect like those produced by prescription drugs. You take them every day and wonder; are they helping me? Do I really feel better when I take them? I don’t seem to feel any different when I stop them for a week.
The fact is that supplements not only keep you healthy but they help prevent the incidence of minor and even major illnesses. To demonstrate this I want to point to a recent example which just happens to be me.
At the beginning of October I was told by my landlord that I had 30 days to move out of my present location. Fortunately I had renovated a house across the street so I had a place to move my business. But at 71 years of age, to physically pack up eleven years of a store and move it all to a new location took a herculean effort. I was able to manage this very stressful and physical task with ease because I am in very good health and do take my supplements very regularly.
I want to first point out that I do not have any existing physical conditions that would require any form of prescription medication or supplements. You could say that I am in perfect health. So why do I take supplements and what do they do for me?
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 500mg
I have been taking this amino acid for years. Not only is it extremely good for muscle recovery but when combined with Co-enzyme Q 10 and taken twice a day it provides a tremendous amount of energy. Not only that, it increases testosterone levels. In both males and females this means more muscle mass, less fat and a very strong libido. This gave me a me a lot of energy for the move without too much muscle pain. I Have to admit sex was certainly not on my mind during that weekend.
Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg
This is the other part of the energy equation that combines with the acetyl-L-Carnitine to produce a lot of extra energy. Not only that, but this supplement is one of the most powerful antioxidants available to destroy those free oxygen radicals produced by exercise. This means that your liver can produce a smaller amount of cholesterol and thus this supplement is very heart protective.
Quest Super Stress
This is a multiple vitamin B complex containing 50mg of all the major Vitamin B’s along with 1000mg of vitamin C. Is moving one of the most stressful things you do in your life? You bet it is. Moving a store is actually more stressful because, not only do you have to pack and unpack all the merchandise and fixtures in a very short time but all your equipment from your computer to your point-of-sale devices must be up and running on your opening day. A jungle of wires and power bars must all come together and until that happened, the stressful level was very high.
Vitamin E 400 I.U.
I have been taking this drug since the Shute brothers discovered it in the mid-sixties. Vitamin E actually makes the haemoglobin in your blood more efficient. So much so, that instead of each haemoglobin molecule picking up one molecule of oxygen, it doubles the amount of oxygen picked up. This extra oxygen delivered to your brain and all the muscles of your body is extremely beneficial and allows you to think very clearly and to have extra muscle strength without pain.
Omega-3 fish oil Tri Star
If you read my newsletters you know that I have said that if I was banished to a desert island and could only take one supplement with me it would be fish oil. (Could be because I am very poor at catching fish). In any case, the Omega-3 in this 100 per cent pure fish oil keeps my brain very sharp; takes away the pain in all my arthritic joints because it is such a great anti-inflammatory supplement; helps my heart muscle stay healthy; keeps my mind focussed and prevents it from becoming depressed; it prevents signs of aging and contributes to my lean muscle and ability to maintain my body at a healthy weight. Omgea-3 is a great product to take for your overall health.
Vitamin D-3 1000 I.U.
I usually take 2 or 3 of these every day because the only true source of Vitamin D 3 is sunshine and at this time of year the sunshine level is about zero. During the month before the move I moved up the dose to 5 a day to avoid any chance of getting sick before the big weekend. There is hardly a biochemical pathway in your body that does not require Vitamin D-3 so taking it during the winter maintains a strong level of health and virtually guarantees that you will stay healthy over this long and terrible season.
Do I feel different when I take supplements? Not at all. But when I look back at how much strength and energy I had up to and during the move I give my supplements a big credit.
To those of you who think that supplements alone are the answer I must correct you. I do eat very healthy, two salads a day with organic vegetables and mostly meals with chicken and fish. It has been my experience that people who maintain a healthy diet are usually the ones who take the most supplements. That is because we take a strong and vested interest in our health. We also make sure that we get a good night’s sleep because these are the three pillars of health.
My advice to those who feel they have to cut back financially is to eat at home more and eat out less. Stay away from the gambling casino and the lottery tickets but never cut back on your supplements. They are essential for your good health and longevity.


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