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New Drug for Thick Eyelashes

New Drug Provides Fuller Permanent Eye Lashes

Just last December Health Canada approved a new prescription drug in Canada called Latisse which grows thicker and fuller eyelashes.. Although it has been available in the United States for the last three years, Canadian women will now be able to purchase this drug with a prescription from their physician.

The drug really works. If you read the article I wrote last year about my eye surgeries you may remember that I had to have a number of surgeries because the initial one left some oil in my eye. This buildup of oil caused pressure within my eye similar to that pressure caused by an eye disease known as glaucoma. For this reason I was prescribed many drugs to reduce this pressure and one of the successful drugs was an eyedrop called Lumigan® which I only used at night, one drop into the affected eye just before bedtime.

After a few months of using this drop, my eyelashes on the one eye became darker, fuller and thicker. My wife could not believe the effect this drop had on my lashes. She thought of all the years of mascara, serums, conditioning treatments and even false eyelashes and none of these substitutes was even close to the new thick lashes that surrounded my left eye. It’s a good thing I have brown eyes because in the same way that this drug makes your lashes thicker and darker, it also has the ability to change the pigment in your eye. When my blue-eyed wife was aware of the fact that this drug could turn her eyes brown it did not seem as attractive to her.

The new product Latisse is not a drop but comes in a gel that is applied to the base of the lashes. It is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company called Allergan, the same people that make a huge assortment of prescription eye drops and the popular cosmetic injection known as Botox®(botulinum toxin).

Latisse is actually marketed for a medical condition called eyelash hypotrichosis which when translated into English means an inadequate amount of lashes.

It fits right in with the vast array of cosmetic changes that many women feel they need from breast enhancement, face lifts, Botox® injections and liposuction.

Latisse does not come cheap. Although the eye drops were relatively inexpensive, the Latisse gel costs about $150 for a one month supply. Last year sales in the United States exceeded 500 million dollars.

Once again this is a prescription drug and has many side-effects. They include itchy red eyes, darkening of the skin around the eyes and as I said earlier even darkening the pigment of your eyes. For all these reasons it is only available with a prescription from your physician.

Of course this never stops people from getting a supply from a friend or even buying it on line but if you have blue eyes I would definitely recommend that you stay away from this product.

It has been almost a year since I stopped using the Lumigan® eye drops and my lashes around my left eye are just as small and faded as those around my right eye. My wife no longer looks at my left eye with envy.