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Obesity + Diabetes = Diabesity


The Greatest Epidemic the World Has Ever Known

When we think of epidemics we think of the Swine Flu epidemic of 1918 that killed millions of people worldwide. Tuberculosis wiped out about one billion people between the 18th and the 19th centuries and today we have the AIDS epidemic, which according to the World Health Organization accounts for 33 million infected people. Malaria kills one million children each year and most of them are under five. Yet the worst epidemic ever to affect our planet is actually obesity which progresses to Type II diabetes and at the present time there are approximately one billion obese people in the world.

Diabesity is a disease that is totally self inflicted. It is a disease of overindulgence combined with a sedentary life style. The complications that arise out of diabesity start with obesity. More than one third of the entire population of North America is obese and more than 60% of us are overweight and on our way to becoming obese.

When you start to carry around extra weight that was never meant for the frame of your body, the first indication will be a constantly elevated blood pressure. Obviously your heart muscle which is under continuous pressure to provide blood all over your body must work harder to pump out that blood. As your blood pressure continues to rise, so does your cholesterol level. And finally, as the cells of your body increasingly become more resistant to the sugar in your bloodstream from the fat and sugary foods you eat, you develop borderline diabetes or Type II diabetes. Years of eating refined sugars eventually cause the cells of the body to avoid absorbing nutrients that your body understands are bad for you. Your body is looking for organically bound natural sugars like those found in fruits while at the same time resisting the importation of high fructose corn syrup from colas. By trying to protect you from harmful sugars, a condition of high blood sugar forms in your bloodstream. Your pancreas can still produce insulin but your body is saying no to the high sugar content of the food.

A person with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type II diabetes is labeled by the medical profession as having “Metabolic Syndrome. Your physician and all the different specialists love medical nomenclature and categories and once they have put you there they simply prescribe pill after pill for all of your many symptoms. These medications will bring your blood pressure down to near normal levels, will reduce your cholesterol and they will keep your blood sugar levels down to acceptable levels. However, the patient with all these problems learns nothing from taking all these pills. It was their lifestyle that brought them to this very unhealthy level and a simple change in lifestyle can reverse the whole process.

Let us suppose you start to eat sensibly, and by that I mean no more fast food, mall food or prepared food and the use of fruits and vegetables as your carbohydrate source. It also means no more doughnuts, cupcakes, chips chocolate bars and the all unhealthy snacks. You combine this with a 45 minute walk every day and this will be done outside or on a treadmill. The first five pounds that you lose will drop your blood pressure by twenty points. The daily walks will reduce your cholesterol levels by 15% and bring your sugar levels to within healthy limits. Once you have achieved your ideal weight, exercise daily and eat well you no longer will have to take any medication at all. You have actually cured your disease in the most natural of all ways, proper diet and exercise.

But, suppose you are like most of the people I meet with this problem. Your job and family takes up most of your time. You know you should eat properly but you do not. You know you should exercise regularly but at the end of the day you are just too tired and you do not have enough time. I find it amazing as I pass Tim Horton’s on the way to work and see people lined up in their cars for up to half an hour to collect a cup of coffee and a fattening sugary snack when they could have had that coffee at home and taken a nice brisk 30 minute walk. Those of you who honestly feel that there is not enough time in the day to do healthy things are absolutely right because your lives will be much shorter than the rest of us. Not only that, the quality of your life from day to day will be greatly diminished, leaving you with an existence that has little or no life to it.

Once your obesity has manifested itself causing you to become diabetic, it is a very slippery downward slope. Your medication may work for a while but eventually your appetite for bad food and your lack of movement will override the medications causing high blood sugar levels in spite of the medication. This leads to what is known as diabetic neuropathy. Your kidney deteriorates causing your blood pressure to escalate. Diabetes damages your eyes and can eventually lead to blindness and the neuropathy in the extremities causes such poor blood circulation that many diabetics have to have limbs amputated. Eventually the diabetic neuropathy which causes poor blood circulation causes mini strokes, then heart attacks and finally one massive heart attack to end your miserable life of suffering. And all of this could have been prevented.

If the cure is so simple why didn’t your physician help you to turn this disease around? Our physicians are completely overwhelmed by the number of patients they must see. None of them are taking on any new patients. If you present yourself at your doctor with these symptoms, your doctor can write out a prescription in less than 30 seconds and go on to the next patient. If your doctor had fewer patients and could practice medicine the way they were trained, they would counsel you on lifestyle changes and send you to a dietician and possibly an exercise coach. But that could take 20 or 30 minutes. Doctors are not gods in spite of what they think but too many people think that no matter what they do in their lives, their doctor can help them. The pharmaceutical companies arm your physician with a multitude of medications for almost any symptom you can have. The drugs treat the symptoms but the disease grows and grows.

The truth is that it was your gluttony and sloth that created your Diabesity and it is now up to you and only you to reverse this disease and get yourself back on the path to good health. You cannot blame your doctor; you cannot blame your wife’s cooking; you cannot blame your boss who makes you work long hours and often very late. You must take responsibility for your own health and get yourself on track. You do not need expert advice because you already know what you must do. It is simply a matter of commitment. It is no different than quitting smoking. You must pick a day and from that that day on your lifestyle is going to be a healthy one.

The Diabesity epidemic is the biggest strain on the healthcare systems of Canada and the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent for a disease which is totally curable and reversible. In fact, any disease that can be treated by shutting your mouth and taking a walk should not even be called a disease.                                                              [print_link]

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