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The Cholesterol Hoax

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs:

The Greatest Hoax of the 21st Century

     Possibly 10 years from now I believe that the truth will be revealed about the statin drugs that reduce our cholesterol levels. After all, it is ten years since Purdue Frederick introduced us to OxyContin, a great new pain reliever that was not supposed to be addicting at all. Unlike the codeine in Tylenol # 3 and the morphine and Demerol drugs this was the one.  Thanks to their promotion of their lies we had more people die last year from opioid overdoses than from car crashes.

     The so-called scientific research that your physician depends on is usually flawed and full of misinterpretations of the results. Studies are done in foreign countries so that if they fail they will not have to report the results. The patients in the studies are usually healthy people in their mid-twenties. This insures that there will hardly be any side-effects from the drug. It’s not until they get out on the market and reach the people who need them that we find out the lethal side-effects of most new drugs. The pharmaceutical industry has told us that if we lower our cholesterol we can greatly reduce our risk of having a heart attack or stroke. This is a blatant lie.

      Statin drugs to reduce cholesterol were introduced in 1990. Thirty years later more than 60 per cent of the population over 55 are taking these drugs. However, for the last 5 years, the number one cause of death in women was heart attacks and strokes. Statistics show that statin drugs have had zero effect in lowering the death rate from heart disease in women. For men, Cancer is now number one followed very closely by heart disease.

      Any pharmacist will tell you that female patients are much more compliant than their male counterparts when it comes to following prescription orders. For men, taking their statin drugs may be hit and miss and maybe never. But if a woman is told to take her medications, she will do so regularly and faithfully. So why didn’t these drugs work for women?

     The marketing of the pharmaceutical industry amazes me. Cholesterol is one of the most important substances you have in your body. It heals all your daily oxidative damage and yet so many people come to me and say they have “cholesterol” as if it were a disease. They are actually saying their physician told them their cholesterol number is too high and must be reduced. Hence, the connotation “I have cholesterol.”

      If you do not have high enough levels of cholesterol, you would die. Every day we human beings breathe in oxygen for our survival. Twenty minutes without oxygen and we die. This causes oxidative damage to most of the cells of our body. The same oxidation that happens when you cut open an apple and watch it turn brown. When we go to sleep, our livers produce two types of cholesterol, LDL, the gooey so called “bad cholesterol” that repairs the oxidative damage and HDL the so called “good cholesterol” that dissolves the excess LDL and washes it out of your system.

     The normal level of LDL originally was 3.9 and HDL was 1.1. Many people were above that in 1990’s but by the year 2000, the pharmaceutical industry wanted more sales. They convinced most cardiologists that the lower the number the better. In my opinion this was a dangerous move. LDL levels that should be around 3.9 were dropping to 2.0 or even less. Since most of the oxygen that we breathe goes to the brain and since most of the oxidative damage occurs in brain cells, millions of people now did not have enough LDL to repair this oxidation and this led to dying brain cells which is the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Before statin drugs were introduced, Alzheimer’s was not even in the top ten causes of death. Now after 30 years Alzheimer’s is number 5 on the list and heart attacks and strokes are still number one. So not only do these drugs not work but they cause a disease that, in my mind is ten times worse.

     It is very important to understand that your family physician or cardiologist has been so severely brainwashed by Big Pharma that they actually believe they are helping you to a longer healthier life by prescribing statin drugs for you. Eight-five per cent of all cardiologists take statin drugs which are, of course, free to them. Your anger and frustration should be directed at the pharmaceutical industry, not your family doctor who is only trying to help.


Muscle Pain:

 This is the most common side-effect of statin drugs and in some cases it can be very serious resulting in a disease called rhabdomyolysis (a disease in which muscle fibers die leaving their contents in your blood stream and eventually causing kidney failure and death). Yet of the eight principle side-effects, manufacturers list, this one is on the very bottom.

Type 2 Diabetes:

Any cholesterol lowering drug whose name ends in statin such as Atorvastatin (Lipitor) or rosuvastatin (Crestor) puts you at high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes

Liver Damage

If you take statins not only do they reduce both your good and bad cholesterol but they reduce the amount of co-enzyme Q10 produced by your liver. This is your body’s natural antioxidant and thus you suffer even more oxidative damage than you would normally. They will also increase your liver enzymes and this can lead to a host of illness including jaundice

Neurological Side effects

Many people complain of poor circulation and tingling in their hands, feet and toes. In many cases, it is actually caused by these statin drugs.

Of course we then have the usual list of suspects






Heartburn and


Many people ask what will happen if I just stop taking my statin drug. The answer is that you will not even know that you stopped. There are no withdrawal symptoms. However, all those muscle pains may go away. Your blood sugar may return to normal and you will have a lot more energy.

Reducing cholesterol naturally

     If you still do not believe the statistics but you are now wary of your anti-cholesterol medication, you can keep your cholesterol at healthy levels through diet and exercise. A 30 minute walk, once a day will reduce your LDL to the amount needed to repair oxidative damage and greatly increase your HDL cholesterol so that all the LDL is dissolved and washed out of your system and none accumulates in your arteries.

     You can eat all the eggs you want because only 5 per cent of your cholesterol comes from your diet. 95 per cent is produced in your liver while you sleep. However, a diet high in bad fats and sugars, especially found in fast food restaurants will have a detrimental effect not only on your cholesterol, but on your overall health.

      If you still feel that your numbers are high. Then you can you take a natural health supplement called Red Yeast Rice extract. This is the plant from which statin drugs were synthesized and is much safer than the actual drugs.

     When physicians read your blood test results they tend to add up your LDL, HDL and your triglyceride number. Your triglycerides, although composed of cholesterol, have nothing to do with your serum cholesterol number and the total number gives physicians cause to prescribe drugs for you.

     If you are faced with that situation, bring in your blood test to me and I will show you the actual breakdown of your cholesterol numbers and whether or not you need to take any action. [print_link]