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What really controls our planet?

Survival of the Planet

     It is now more than one year since this pandemic has played havoc with our planet. In my opinion, if we are ever going to save this planet and our civilizations we must stop electing lawyers and economists in our free democracies and replace them with knowledgeable scientific experts.

Global Warming and Endangered Species.

While the lawyers and economists make sure that the oil and gas industry and building industries that rape our planet are successful, our forests burn, our lands are flooded and we lose valuable endangered species. A scientist knows that as a species becomes endangered, the parasites and viruses that live off of that animal must find another host. That is how SARS spread and that is why we now have COVID-19. Scientists know that when land is destroyed, animals lose their habitat and as they start to lose numbers even more viruses that inhabit them jump to other hosts such as humans. Lyme disease and other tick viruses, Dengue fever, malaria and many more cause untold deaths in human beings.

Virus Spread

We here in Canada were warned about this new very contagious pneumonia appearing in China in December of 2019. Once again if we had medical scientists, research scientists and data scientists in our government, people who understand the biology of human beings, we would have closed our borders immediately. Instead we had a bunch of lawyers and economists arguing about the consequences to the economy while not having the ability to see the danger of this pandemic spread. We have suffered unnecessary deaths and a worse blow to the economy because our elected representatives do not understand the science of this planet.


When I attended the University of Toronto, we had a huge building just outside of the campus know as Connaught laboratories. This is where Frederick G. Banting and Charles Best, two researchers discovered the very first insulin to be used in the treatment of diabetics. This is where the vaccine for Typhoid Fever was discovered and saved our planet from a dreaded disease. This was a tremendous asset to Canada but the bean counters and politicians thought it is just too expensive to keep up so we sold it to a pharmaceutical company. That decision cost us here in Canada the ability to discover and manufacture our own COVID-19 vaccine rather than waiting in line with the rest of the world countries for our share. Once again, if we had knowledgeable people in government who had some background in biochemistry we never would have given away the greatest research facility in Canada.


I can tell you from my own personal experience that the distribution system from pharmaceutical companies to hospitals and pharmacies is the most precise on-time delivery that exists in our country. This system delivers not only all the prescription drugs but all the controlled drugs and narcotics in such a precise manner than everything is tracked  and watched over from the time it leaves the manufacturer to the time it arrives at its medical destination. So what does our government do? They call in the army. Maybe these people are good at fighting and moving military equipment in foreign countries, but what do they know about delivering drugs. Last year, when it was imperative to deliver vaccines as soon as possible, the army shut down on Christmas and Boxing Day. Do you think our hospitals, nurses and physicians took those days off? Once again, a person with a background in pharmacy or pharmaceutical manufacturing would have used the existing system to deliver as many vials as soon as possible. What do lawyers and economists know about medical issues? And even if we get millions of doses of vaccines delivered, where are they going? Is there a plan to actually get them into people’s arms? Football stadiums, baseball stadiums, recreation centers remain empty while our politicians are not even thinking that these places could be used to inoculate our masses. An army thinks delivery is the mission; a pharmacologist understands that vaccination is the mission.

Long-term Care facilities

Here in Ontario the largest proportion of deaths have been in our long term care facilities, nearly 80 per cent. Why did this happen? Once again, when you have lawyers, business men and accountants running your government, you make sure that the people who gave money towards your election are well taken care of. The owners and shareholders of the long term care homes have made a fortune in this epidemic while people are dying in exhorbitent numbers. If we had medical people in our Ontario government, real medical people, not the wimps who do anything Gerald Ford says, then this never would have happened. These homes would have highly trained nurses who used all the proper equipment and did not travel from home to home. Instead, in order to keep costs low, we had immigrants earning nearly minimum wage without training or proper equipment who live in huge families in poverty in small spaces in constant contact with our mothers and fathers. Our parents stayed in their long term homes. It was the workers who spread COVOD-19 from home to home causing all these deaths. Even after it was apparent in March of 2020 and the Ford government promised to correct this matter, it did nothing and we still have 80 per cent of these deaths in the second wave. No person with a legitimate medical background would ever have allowed this to happen.

When you think like a scientist, you understand how a virus from a bat in China could cause a world-wide pandemic. You understand that the removal of forests, swamp land and spaces to build highways and homes can cause forest fires, floods and extermination of species and you know this cannot be good for the human race. There is a place in our society for the lawyers to interpret and make laws and the economists to help build our economy but if this epidemic has taught us anything it is we must look at our problems initially with a scientific approach, not an economic one.