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Why couples fight in bed

The reason couples fight over heat?

Women really are colder than men


     When you go to bed at night do the temperature wars begin? He’s too hot, she’s too cold. But the truth is that women are, in fact, colder to the touch than men.

A team of researchers, led by physician Han Kim, found that on average women’s hands are almost three degrees colder than a man’s hands. This happens because the female body produces higher temperatures around the vital organs and this means that the hands and feet get the shaft. If your hands feel cold, so does the rest of you but the actual fact is that a woman’s core temperature is actually higher than a man’s. Although this may cause fights around the thermostat of the house it is a natural design that is important to the human species.

Men may not like this but women have been designed by nature to be the stronger of the species. They contain more fat cells which have the ability to regenerate almost any cell in our body. Most of the muscle mass and fat in a woman is lower than a man’s and must be heated to a higher core temperature in order that women may survive freezing temperatures better than men. This is because they are the incubators of our babies and play a key role in the propagation of our species. Men, on the other hand, are simply casual fornicators and consequently are of less importance in our biological world.

As if that were not enough, studies show that women have a lower tolerance to a feeling of cold. Studies show that when women and men had their hands submerged in ice, women pulled their hands out significantly faster than men.

It’s all about the fat

An average women might have 20 to 25 per cent body fat, whereas an average guy might have about 15 per cent. When we get cold, we conserve energy by reducing the blood flow to the skin. When a woman reduces the blood flow to the skin, the temperature of the skin drops as the blood has been moved below her layer of fat.

Most men have more muscle mass and less fat and when they get cold there will not be a big change because they do not have that large layer of fat underneath their skin.

What makes this interesting is that there is really very little difference in the actual core body temperature between men and women, somewhere between 0.2 and 0.4 degrees. But since a woman’s core temperature is slightly higher than her male partner’s, her extremities are colder and thus she appears to be colder.

A woman’s core temperature does fluctuate during her menstrual cycle. It goes from 36.96 degrees to a peak of 37.4 degrees, so she will feel the cold more acutely depending upon which point she is at in her cycle. Men, on the other hand remain fairly steady at 37 degrees.

So for half of your marriage the man is the hot body in bed and the woman is the cold body puling over all the covers.


The second half of your married life may have a significant change. Your husband will begin to lose most of his muscle mass and develop more layers of visceral fat. He will now feel colder to the touch because his body heat is trapped under those layers of visceral fat. On the other hand, you may be going through menopause and having “night sweats” which make you feel like your body is boiling. Now there is a new fight for the covers but only in reverse. The woman is throwing off all the covers and complaining of the heat and her partner is now feeling the cold of his own body along with the heat of his spouse.

All of which proves the old adage of author Mark Twain who said “anyone who thinks life is fair is grossly mistaken.


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