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Why not pay people to be vaccinated?

A Vaccine Subsidy: Solves 2 Crises With One Shot

     What’s the best way to get the economy back on track after the COVID-19 recession? Simple: Achieve herd immunity. The problem is that because of Trump’s interference in the science, less than 44 per cent of people are willing to be vaccinated. So why not pay people to get vaccinated.

     One of the issues that surfaced during COVID-19 is that besides the old and the frail, the people most affected by this pandemic are those of limited economic means. Because they live in poorer neighborhoods in crowded conditions with poor access to good food, clean air and health care they are the highest proportion of our infected population. Secondly, with restaurants, bars, and retail slowing down to a halt, these are the workers who have been laid off the most.

     According to data collected by Opportunity Insights, a research group at Harvard, consumer spending has fallen in the most in high-income areas. But those with high incomes have experienced almost no fall in employment. They are spending less, not by necessity but by choice. This is because even if you have the money, there are less things to do and less places to go. Travel is but a memory. This further contributes to the recession.

     So far our Prime Minister has made every effort to get money to the unemployed and help small businesses but what if there was a better way?

     If our federal government paid every poor person to be vaccinated it could be a windfall. Think of a family of 5 in which husband and wife are unemployed. They suddenly receive a cheque for $5000. In a very short period of time nearly all families below the poverty level are vaccinated and we have almost achieved herd immunity at that point.

     In a very short period of time, assuming the vaccine is safe, it becomes common place to get your COVID-19 shot. Now our whole world can return to the way it was before the epidemic.

     I know what you are thinking. Yes, the cost would probably be around 20 billion dollars but this would quickly be recouped with everyone back to work and businesses making money and paying taxes.

     Vaccination confers a positive cost benefit to society. When you get vaccinated, you benefit not only yourself but also your fellow citizens by helping society take a step towards herd immunity. Once this is achieved our children can safely go to school and we can throw away our masks. That is; until the next time.